EXTREME-TAPE Technical Details
Silicone self-vulcanizing highly-sealing tape resistant to temperatures up to 260°C. High weather-resistance and dielectric and waterproofing properties. Useful to seal shunts, muffler outlet pipes, water and gas pipes, electric connections, work tools, and for military and nautical applications. High elasticity and resistance to chemical and corrosive environments.

EXTREME TAPE English version

EXTREME-TAPE The very high performance self-sealing silicone-based tape
  Instruction for Use
Clean the surface and cut the tape to length (usually 3 – 4 times the diameter to be covered); remove the protective film; hold one end of the tape on the part to be enveloped and stretch it out; wrap the tape around the piece keeping it stretched and make it overlap by half its width on the previous turn; make sure the last turn covers the previous turn applied. 
Code Contents U.M. Qt. pz/pallet
EXTBI2503 rolls H 25,4 mm x 3 m, white n. 10
EXTAR2503 rolls H 25,4 mm x 3 m, red n. 10
EXTNE2503 rolls H 25,4 mm x 3 m, black n. 10