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  POLISEAL PU-50 Technical Details
POLISEAL PU-50 is an elastic adhesive and single-component thixotropic polyurethane-based sealant. Once extruded it reacts with humidity present in the atmosphere and turns into a high-performance adhesive sealant.POLISEAL PU-50 is compliant with provisions of standard ISO 11600/F/25HM.
  Instruction for Use
First some preliminary adhesion tests shall be carried out on the different materials to be sealed; in fact, in order to obtain an optimum adhesion, it may be necessary to use cleaning products or primers. Obviously surfaces on which the product will be applied shall be clean, dry, free of water, oil, grease, dust, debris, rust and be of good quality. Remove any impurity or residue using a compressed air jet, sandpaper or a rigid brush. Glass, metal and any other non-porous surfaces shall be free from any protection coating and cleaned using a solvent. Prefabricated panels with released substances in addition to polyethylene films shall be sandblasted or mechanically abraded and dust removed. Pierce the protective membrane inside the threaded part. Screw the plastic spout on and cut it at the proper angle according to the profile and the thickness desired. Insert the cartridge in a manual or pneumatic gun (provided with telescopic piston) and extrude the adhesive / sealant with care to avoid the formation of air.  Use the cartridge within a short time once opened. The ideal application temperature of the sealant is 15 to 25°C.
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SILPU50GR0310 Grey, cartridge 310 ml n. 12 1200