SILICON SEALING TAPE Technical Details

Thermally stable synthetic fiber tape impregnated with a special non-hardening mastic. The function of the tape is to seal threaded fittings for any hydraulic diameter and material, both with the common gas and drinking/heating water. In fact it does not change the smell or the taste and purity of water. It 'a dynamic sealant because it adapts to all threads and all materials. Suitable of parallel and tapered threads. SST is clean and leaves no traces on the hands, it's cheap, easy and fast application. Allows repositioning of fittings and removing after many years. It bears the typical vibrations of the joints close to the pumps.

SST complies with the specifications and according to DIN 30660 UNI-EN 751 / 2 Cl. A / ARp, and is certified AGA AG 208/98, BS6920 WRAS and DVGW. In conformity with UNI EN 751/2 Cl. A/ARp. It can be replaced, it is easy to apply and absolute safe. It does not leave dirt. It is compatible with all metals and plastic materials and in conformity with all gas and water norms.


Silicon Sealing Tape ENG

  Instruction for Use
4 simple operations for a work duly carried out 1) APPLY NORMALLY LIKE A COMMON SEALING TAPE, EXERTING A LIGHT STRETCH (if it is necessary, dent the thread before with a small saw) 2) MAKE THE FITTING ADHERE WITH THE FINGERS 3) TIGHTEN NORMALLY 4) RELAX
Code Contents U.M. Qt. pz/pallet
SST1405 rolls H 14 mm x 5 m, Display rack n. 90 8640
SST1415 rolls H 14 mm x 15 m, Display rack n. 60 5760
SST1915 rolls H 19 mm x 15 m, Display rack n. 48 4608