SOLARGEL PES Technical Details

The innovative flexible tube SOLARGel PES, made of of flexible corrugated stainless steel AISI 304 L, is the result of the most advanced discoveries in nanotechnology: thanks to the use of these innovative materials, with only 5 mm of non-irritating insulating material, which does not make dust  a very low thermal conductivity (Lambda 0.015 W / mK @ 0 °C - 0.0168 W / mK @ 40 °C) together with an extremely wide temperature range of use (-200 / + 150 °C) is obtained. The design of this product is conceived in such a way as not to require the use of external supports for the installation of the pipes, simplifying technician operations and reducing the working times. The insulation material is hypoallergenic and is externally covered by a layer of PVC protective material to add a high resistance to the weather and the sun's UV rays and high protection against various animal attacks such as insects, rodents and birds (anti-pitching).

  Instruction for Use
Check the work to be done and determine the quantity of pipe necessary. Then, cut the useful size. Make installation with the fewest joints, to limit future leakages of the liquid into the circuit. Laid avoiding curvatures of the pipe. Pipe must be fixed to the support (wall, sidewall, etc.) every 50 cm with a simple fixing e.g. rivets or screws. Length: available up to 150 m. Special connection couplings with quick connection, provided. In the joint point it is necessary to carry out a suitable thermal insulation to avoid cold points at high dispersion.
Code Contents U.M. Qt. pz/pallet
SGANMA16200 roll d. 16 mm x 200 m brick m 200
SGANMA20150 roll d. 20 mm x 150 m brick m 150
SGANMA25115 roll d. 25 mm x 115 m brick m 115